As seen in Guel Bueno Jewelry. Guel Bueno Jewelry also known as Gail Bueno Jewelry,  sets the bar among other custom jewelry manufacturer by handpicking qualified workers, choosing reliable suppliers as partners, and investing soundly on our factory equipment to provide high quality jewelry services to it's client.

Guel Bueno Jewelry specializes in Wedding Bands, Diamond Engagement Rings and Custom Jewelry. Located in the heart of Miami Beach, Florida; GBJ is known for making extraordinary pieces for unforgettable moments. From rings to bracelets and diamonds to colored stones; the whole experience provides unparalleled education and elegance...Whether you’re in search of something classic, contemporary or eclectic, GBJ is your source for exquisite adornments that are designed to last and make your life brilliant.

Guel Romeo Bueno is the CEO of Guel Bueno Jewelry, a jewelry maker with over 40 years in the industry, Guel Bueno Jewelry has perfected it's craft in the jewelry world. Helping it's clients bring their ideas and designs to life, founded and established by Miguel J. Bueno and Heather Gail Bueno in 1976.